Self initiated update – possible Facebook/Twitter

Today, as I was updating my blog, I thought it would also be a good idea to help my client to create a Facebook page or a Twitter page. This, I believe, would bring further awareness to his bar. I will discuss with him as to whether it will be a Facebook or Twitter page. I had thought of an Instagram page, however, someone that worked at Vintage bar told me the demographic (40+), so I think an Instagram page would be inefficient, as Instagram as tailored to a younger audience, and not that many people aged over 40 use Instagram religiously.



Self initiated – Rough pictures

I took 46 photos for the website that I am currently creating. I took all these photos because I wanted to have a good selection from which to choose, as I knew not all of the photos that I took would be good. Below are the photos that I will not be including the website that I am creating for my client:


There is a beer glass behind the close to the Guinness dispensary. At the time I took this photo, I did not notice this. As I am creating a professional website, this photo would not work as the beer glass makes it look very unprofessional.



In this photo, I only focused on the “Vintage” sign. You are not able to see the white borders as you are in my last photo in my previous blog post. This also makes it look unprofessional and makes it seem as though I took the photo halfheartedly. For this reason, I do not like this photo and will not be incorporating it into the website.


This is the cocktails menu. This photo is very dark and the words at the very bottom of the menu are blurred and very difficult to read. As well, I do not like the angle of this photo. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to take a photo from an angle above. In my mind it looked like a good idea, however, the photo does not look suitable for a website.


The picture was framed quite high on the wall, and once again, in my mind, I thought it would be a good idea to experiment and take the photo from a different angle. I took this photo while squatting. My intention was to have more diverse angles in the photos, as I have not seen many bars and pubs take pictures of an object at an angle like this. As a result of my squatting, the photo was crooked. Also, it would have been good if I only got the red colour of the wall, but I got the other colour as well.


Self initiated update

Today, i met with my client at 13:00pm. I went to take pictures for his website that i am creating. I took pictures of the sign outside the bar, the liquor in the bar, and the pictures that he has framed up on the walls inside the bar.


The client was happy with this photo, as you are able to see the white frames on either side. However, i decided to take more photos from different angles to experiment and have a variety to choose from.













What is missing is people in these photos. I believe that in order to attract people to Vintage bar, i would need to take photos of people inside the bar whilst they are drinking and laughing. This will portray an image that Vintage bar is good as people go to it, thus creating awareness to it and bringing in more people to it.


  • research – proposal is like a mini-dissertation
  • Background research is where you should start – lay a foundation of defining the terms that you are using and be clear about what you want to talk about – you can get lots of info out of books – like the what-ifs questions e.g dawsonera will help with an overview of the topic – looking for something specific, and you don’t find it, go to advanced search and change “title descriptions” to “full text”. This should help give you an overview.
  • Make notes of keywords that you are coming up with- reading books a lot, you may come across a similar term over and over, so write it down and make it a keyword so you search that keyword elsewhere
  • You may go off on a tangent on the research – nothing worse than finishing the dissertation, and finding it boring – the beginning of the dissertation is where you can be as holistic as possible
  • Ebsco – there’s no magic journal article that will cover every single thing you want – and that is good because you would struggle to fill your word count up
  • narrow your search down by country or whatever other actors – if you end up with no results, then take a step back and broaden your search
  • The lack of information is information – you can even make a paragraph on how very little had been written about this
  • you might not find “journalism” in your research or in an article, but that doesn’t mean the article is useless
  • save the pdf article so you don’t lose it
  • In order to talk about the article thoroughly, you’re gonna have to read it
  • find one or two articles that are of interest to yo, and they’ll lead you on to 2 or 3 more interesting articles, which will then lead you to 2 or 3 more
  • journal article help to compare and contrast – you’ll be able to build up an argument/discussion
  • office for national statistics is a great place for statistics

Client Project Update – Meeting with Client

Today, I met with my client. We discussed what I could do for him. Firstly, we talked about creating flyers. While we were both brainstorming, I brought this up as a proposal of one of the things that I might help him with, as it would bring awareness to the bar. We both discussed and agreed upon the fact that this would be a good idea, because Vintage bar is located on Silver Street, close to Oscars and Silvers: this means it has a lot of competition. On Saturday afternoons, he or someone working at the bar could hand out flyers in town to people. We agreed that this would bring awareness to Vintage bar, such that on Saturday nights, which are their busiest nights, people will have prior knowledge of the bar due to the flyers.

We also discussed a website. He already has a website, and he did not want me to edit or change it, so we decided that I would help create a separate website from scratch, using pictures that I will take of the bar and add them onto the website. I feel this is a good idea because other bars, especially Oscars and Silvers which are his biggest competition, have good, functioning websites.


Press Conference – Scenario

attending a conference in hull about local government

lots of councilors will be there speaking about the financial challenges faced by Hull city council

conference last 3 hours

talk about how you’ll do this conference on social media – how you’ll tell the story

  • Twitter Tweet before the conference to let your followers know about it before hand
  • Use # often
  • Only tweet when necessary
  • Any tweet you’re tweeting out must make sense
  • Retweet interesting points/tweets from other people
  • Remember to give a conclusion when it ends

News Production Days 2017/2018 – My Stories