I found out my client already has a Facebook page. He does not want me to take control of it, as he already has other people doing that for him, so I will stay to creating flyers and designing a website for him.


Specialist Feature: Draft

90s babies, do you remember those days? Sitting in front of your games console playing a game while your parent yells ” All you do is sit in front of the TV and play games”, or the infamous “Where will video games take you in life?” Did our parents have a good reason as to why they did not want us playing video games?

It turns out that they did. A 2017 study conducted by Université de Montréal found that action video games such as Call of Duty can be harmful to the brain. This is because they reduce the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus (part of the brain that directs main bodily functions). Reduced gray matter in the hippocampus has been linked to a higher risk of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.

As well, in 2017, The World Health Organisation (WHO) added “gaming disorder” to its list of mental health disorders. WHO describes this disorder as “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour”.

Do video games really have such a negative impact on teenagers?

Mary Oscars, 42, from Hessle seems to think so. She says video games take up the majority of her children’s time: “The biggest problem is my kids spend more time playing games than studying. They fall behind in class a lot. This is not because they are dull, but I think it is because they spend too much time playing video games.” Although this is her personal account and it cannot be generalizable to everyone, it is safe to say

Nancy Rosette, 37 from Anlaby reflected on how her life as a youth was very different to that of her son: “On average, my son spends half the weekend glued to his tv screen playing video games. When I was that age, we used to play on swings, chase each other, and do many outdoor activities. Teenagers these days are just glued to their consoles”

Nancy and Mary are not the only parents that feel as though video games are affecting their children negatively.

Michael Stephens, 44 from Bridlington says his children have developed slight anger issues playing FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association): “My son usually brings his mates over on weekends to play FIFA all afternoon. Most times he will win, but when he loses he goes on a rampage.

“Last year he broke the controller and the telly. I think it is getting worse over time. He is a calm kid usually, but when he plays FIFA he changes.”

So, we have learned that not only is video game addiction a disorder but that teenagers these days spend an excessive amount of time playing video games, which leads to them doing poorly in class. As well, teenagers can develop anger issues from gaming.  Are there any benefits to playing video games for teenagers?

If you said yes, you are right. In 2010, scientists discovered that playing video games is a good way to reduce anxiety. In addition, video games can also help people with their dyslexia. One particular study showed that after a lengthy gaming session, dyslexics saw an improvement in their reading comprehension.

Can we say all teenagers who play video games will perform poorly in school? Certainly not. Brandon West, 29, from Goole, says his children spend hours playing games but are still able to get good grades: “My children spend most of their weekend playing Call of Duty (an action video game) but they are doing well in school.”

The truth is, video games have more benefits than people believe. More than likely your parents went on a rant telling you how “too much TV is bad for eyes”. On one hand, they are right. Most video games are not finished within a few hours. They require the person to sit for lengthy periods focused on the screen. This can cause a range of problems such as headaches, eyestrain, and dry eye, according to Anita Tieu, a Doctor of Optometry Senior Intern.

Interestingly enough, on the other hand, they can improve your eyesight. Researchers at McMaster University conducted a study on six people aged 19 to 31 who were born with cataracts in both eyes. After playing a video game for 40 hours over the period of a month, participants saw significant improvement in their eyesight, so much so that they were able to read more on an eye chart than they were able to before. This does mean, however, that the games have to be played in moderation, as too much of anything is bad.

All this information is very factual. What about an opinion from an actual teenager that enjoys video games? Kate Hubbard, 19 from Preston says from her perspective, it is all about balancing video games with everything else: “I play many video games. I can balance my school work with video games and still have enough time to spend with my friends and family. You just have to know how to balance everything.”

When asked if she thinks video games affect teenagers more negatively than positively, she responded: “Everything has a good and a bad. Too much of anything is bad, so if you know when to play video games and when to do other things, you should be fine.”

No matter who we are, it is safe to assume we all want to age well. Video games can help slow the aging process. Although this may sound like an absolute lie, there is evidence to back this up. The University of Iowa conducted a study on 681 healthy people aged 50 and older. The study concluded that people who played for 10 hours of a specially designed game were able to slow down the speed at which cognitive skills (e.g thinking) reduce with age.

As incredible as this may seem, this does not relate to teenagers, as the participants used were over the age of 50. That being said, we can argue that if a teenager plays a specialized video game for 10 hours, their cognitive skills will reduce slowly over time.

Former employee at Toys R Us, Lloyd Haytack, 27 says: “Video games can be a big distraction to teenagers, but i do not think they are really harmful to anyone.”

We have looked at both sides of the coin. Now for the big question: In the end, are video games good for teenagers or do they do more harm than good?

Ultimately, it all depends on how long they play the games for, according to Psychologist Dr. Joan Harvey. She claims that video games cause a “lack of real social interaction”, but when asked whether video games do more harm than good, she responded: “It depends on how much they use them.”

“Too much of anything is bad” as the saying goes. Take it from a professional psychologist’s stand point. As long as a teenager knows when it is time to study, when it is time to relax, and has their prorities in the right order, then video games are fine.






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Search for weather reports for the day

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Dissertation Proposal: Racist Coverage Before and After 9/11 (1ST DRAFT)

Ramon Grosfoguel, Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, described racism as “a global hierarchy of superiority and inferiority along the line of the human that have been politically, culturally and economically produced and reproduced,” (Grosfoguel, 2011). According to Frantz Farton, with regards to racism, there are those above and below the line. Those above the line “enjoy access to rights (human rights, civil rights, women rights and/or labor rights), material resources, and social recognition to their subjectivities, identities, epistemologies and spiritualities”, whereas those below the line are “considered subhuman or non-human; that is, their humanity is questioned and, as such, negated” (Fanon, 1967). This dissertation aims to showcase the coverage of racism in the media before and after 9/11, highlighting different examples of this by examining the amount of hate crimes from 9/11 up to the present day.

Without a doubt, racism in journalism exists, and the media showcases it perfectly. Since 9/11, hate crimes against Muslims have risen greatly. Hate crime statistics from the FBI show that in 2016, there were 127 reported victims of assault, compared to 2001, where there were 93 (Kishi and Kishi, 2017). There have been other reported forms of hate crime against American Muslims other than assault, such as intimidation. There were 144 reported victims of anti-Muslim intimidation in 2016, compared to 120 in 2015 (Kishi and Kishi, 2017).


Client Project update – Learning how to make flyers

I want to create flyers for my client. This is because he seemed very keen when i brought up the idea of creating flyers a few weeks ago when i had a meeting with him. He would be able to hand these flyers out to people, as there are many people I have met that do not know that Vintage bar even exists. These flyers could help create awareness to the bar and bring more customers in.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 22.46.32

I have never created flyers before. I decided to use photoshop to try create flyers, because we used photoshop in our first year on the course. I could have used Canva to create flyers, but i decided to use photoshop as I am somewhat familiar with it. and because i have never made them before, i watched a tutorial on how to make flyers. This specific tutorial is not for a bar or pub, but for a restaurant. I saw some tutorials on how to make flyers for nightclubs, as these are closer to bars than restaurants, as the ambiance is different.  In addition, the majority of people do not usually get drunk in restaurants, however, they do get drunk in bars and clubs. Vintage bar’s specialties are alcohol, similar to many clubs. This is why i decided to watch a tutorial on how to create flyers for clubs. However, the club flyers did not appeal to me, as they aim to attract a younger generation, so the designs are different.


Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 22.57.18

These are the designs I was referring to for club flyers. This design may appeal to the younger generation, as it shows a semi nude woman, which attracts a younger audience, as the connotation of such a design for a flyer is that the club is the people enjoy partying, however the target audience for Vintage bar is more the older generation. This particular design would not appeal to the older generation, as it is too raunchy. I am aiming for a more professional yet capturing image for my flyers.


Update – Website

I started creating my client’s website on Wix. I chose Wix because we briefly went over it in class. As well it is free so there are no costs involved.

I used the photos I took and added them to the website. This is the first photo that users will see. This is because I wanted to get the logo on the home page, so I took a photo of the outside of Vintage bar. As it is a screenshot, you are not able to see it, but the background (the blue bubbles specifically) is a moving background. I chose this particular background as a dark blue colour is easy on the eyes as opposed to a bright yellow colour which would look unattractive. I chose the background to be a moving one because it is more unique than a still/ nonmoving background. The dark blue colour mixed with the moving bubbles makes the background even more appealing to the eye.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 18.11.41

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 18.16.15

I set it so that photos on the website change every 3 seconds. This is because I don’t want people to simply look at one photo. I want them to get a mini experience of what Vintage bar is.  This is the second photo that users will see. I picked this photo as the man facing the camera is smiling and having a good time. I want to show people the good time that those that come to Vintage are having. I strongly believe that people are attracted to other people, so if someone sees that many people go to a bar, this will create the image that the bar is good, as people go there. This is the reason I picked this photo as the second one to show.


Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 17.59.18

I studied the cocktail menu and decided to add it to the website. I typed out each cocktail, as I saw Oscar’s bar’s menu, and they typed out their cocktails. I had thought of adding photos of each cocktail, however, this would mean asking the staff who work at Vintage bar to make each cocktail, and that would be too much to ask.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 23.39.22

I also included a section for the food menu. I struggled with this, as i did not know how to create a second menu. On Wix, i saw one option for the menu, which i decided to use for cocktails, however, when I found out that Vintage bar has a food menu as well, I wanted to add that. However, I did not know how to. It took me two days to figure out how to do so. My persistence paid off in the end, however, as i managed to get the food menu on the website.

I added the food menu to the website, as I realized some people who have come to vintage are unaware that they also make food. As well, some people may not like cocktails and alcohol, however, they may want to eat out, and the choices available on the food menu may appeal to them.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 23.36.48

The photo on the left is one that i took. I decided to write about Vintage bar to let people who are on the website know what type of bar it is. However, I need to change what is written, as I simply copy and pasted what was written on the other Vintage bar website. I feel the explanation of what Vintage bar is, could be a lot better. For example, in a sense, this description is quite nonhuman, as, at the end, it says “call for details”. I feel most of this description is too short and abrupt. I will edit this and make it more “human”, and gave it a more friendly and warm description.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 13.21.32

There is a section called “Gallery” on the website, and i decided to put photos that I like and that I feel represent vintage best, onto the gallery section. This is because i believe a website should be as visible as possible.

Photos that i did not like

As i mentioned, i went to take photos for my client and for the website. I took a few photos, however, there were some that i did not like. IMG_1680

I did not like this photo, as it came out in a yellow colour. This is because i did not use a flash when taking it. I did not look at the photo immediately after taking it, so i took another one with the same settings (my camera settings were set to manual, which is a setting that does not use a flash). I want my photos on the website that i am creating to look as professional as possible. This photo does not look professional due to its colour.


Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 17.52.13

Once again, i did not use a flash. As i mentioned, when i took my previous photo, i did not look at it immediately after taking it, so i did not know it came it with a yellow colour. I took this photo straight after taking the previous one. This photo also looks unprofessional due to both the colour and the fact that it is blurred.

Update Pictures

I met with my client today and took more photos. My aim was to take photos of people to put on the website i am designing, as this will attract other people if they see that people go to vintage, as this will make it appear popular (as no one would want to go to a bar that other people do not go to).


I took this photo with my camera canon 750D. I changed the settings on my camera to get a flash so the picture would come out better. I like this photo as you can see the people (particularly the man facing the camera) having a good time.



I like this photo, as these gentlemen approach me to take a photo of them. They are clearly having a good time, so I decided to put this on the website as this will show people the vibrant energy that Vintage bar has.


I also took a photo of the menu to add on the website the dishes that Vintage bar serves (i added the menu, however, I typed out the different foods instead of putting a photo of the menu as I thought that would make it look more professional.)

Self initiated update – possible Facebook/Twitter

Today, as I was updating my blog, I thought it would also be a good idea to help my client to create a Facebook page or a Twitter page. This, I believe, would bring further awareness to his bar. I will discuss with him as to whether it will be a Facebook or Twitter page. I had thought of an Instagram page, however, someone that worked at Vintage bar told me the demographic (40+), so I think an Instagram page would be inefficient, as Instagram as tailored to a younger audience, and not that many people aged over 40 use Instagram religiously.