Simple & Difficult Infographics

An infographic takes complex data and summaries it to tell a story. This is a relatively simple infographic on the number of deaths of journalists from 2006 to 2013.  This infographic is not bombarded with masses of data, therefore it would appeal more to viewers as it is easily understandable. All complex and relevant information such as where they hail and the number of resolved cases is divided into different categories to make it easily comprehensible. Another simple infographic based on what 7 billion people do. Perhaps one of the simplest infographics in existence. All data is divided into age groups and working classes, with diagrams and statistics correlating to each category. All data is compressed, well structured and labeled. Undoubtedly, their compatibility with different handsets is what makes these infographics successful.  They can be easily interpreted on large sets such as laptops as well as smaller sets like mobile phones.

As there are comprehensible infographics, there also exist incredibly complex infographics. A perfect example of a complex infographic. This infographic is difficult to interpret as there are masses of information spread out unevenly, overwhelming any reader that would view it. Furthermore, the data is extremely difficult to interpret on a large screen such as a laptop, and nearly impossible on a mobile phone.


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