Typography = The style of printed/typed information

Principles to keep in mind when designing:

Legibility: Make sure people can read your text.

In order to do that, you must make sure that:

  • Font size is good – Not too big not too small
  • Letter, Word & Line spacing – nottoolittlespace a   n   d        n  o  t         t  o  o                   m  u   c   h                                       s     p    a    c    e
  • Font & Background Colours – Certain colours, like this, make text really hard to read

Uniformity & Consistency:  Use the same font size and style for the most part – keep it simple.

Hierarchy: Make sure information is organised well in terms of importance to the reader e.g Title, header, subhead and body

Contrast: Separating different types of information with different typefaces e.g when writing a story, using the same font style (Calibri) creates uniformity, but it gets really boring to look at.

To add contrast, combine two font styles together (Calibri + Arial Black)


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