Depth of Field: In this image, the aperture is high, as the background is blurry and the main focus (the man) is clear.



  • The image is in black and white, with various shadows on his hat and below his hands.
  • There is contrast in the image, with the left side of his face being lighter than the right side of his face.

What I like about it:

  • The high aperture means with less focus on the background,  there is more focus and detail on the man.
  • As the image is in black and white, it makes the image more emotional in a sense, as it highlights a sense of war and realism

What i don’t like about it:

  • Although there is more focus on the man, the background looks extremely dull, as there is barely anything behind the man.

What inspiration can i take:

In my opinion, the use of shadows is spectacular, so i would use the same techniques with regards to contrast and the use of shadows in different areas.






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