What Is A News Story & What Makes A Good Story (SPIOEECCS)

A News Story =  A new important event/trend that will affect or interest readers. e.g Trump elected as president. 

What Makes A Good Story:

  • Speed = Reporting a developing story or reporting something that’s about to happen e.g news reporters reported about Mingo’s defeat in less than half an hour 
  • Place = Reporting something near people e.g a car crash near Burnett Court (that would directly affect me so i would be more interested in watching it)
  • Importance = The person the story is based on should be important to grab reader’s attention e.g a story about me wouldn’t grab reader’s attention but a story about Kim K would. 
  • Oddity = Reporting a story on unusual things e.g A man biting a dog
  • Emotions = Stories must touch readers emotionally e.g Shanks sacrificed his arm for Luffy
  • Educational Value = Give them Knowledge more than information
  • Conflict = Clash of ideologies can make a good news story e.g Christians vs Muslims
  • Consequence = The story should affect people in a personal way e.g Ace dies right after being saved by Luffy
  • Suspense = News becomes more exciting and appealing when left in suspense



S = Sanji

P = Pranks

I= Ino

O= Oddly

E = Every

E = Evening

C= Crying

C = Continuously

S = Sadly


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