Top 10 tips for Writers (LRCOWJFARQ)

  • Length = Each sentence should be 25-30 words – maximum 3 sentences for a para!
  • Repetition = Always look for synonyms – avoid using the same word in a para!
  • Cliches & Overused words = e.g Instead of “also” use “in addition, furthermore” and no cliches, you’re writing a story for news not for fans
  • Jargon = Don’t confuse the reader with complicated words and phrases – make it easy
  • Facts = Check the facts and recheck for accuracy
  • Accuracy Make sure everything you’ve written is accurate
  • Punctuation = Use commas, semicolons, and full stops where necessary
  • Readability = Don’t be boring, try make your work educative and fun to read
  • Consistency = Be consistent throughout your work
  • Qualifiers (Verbs, nouns, adjectives) = Use them in your work



  • L= Luffy
  • R = Runs
  • C = Crazy
  • OW= Only When
  • J = Joker
  • F = Fights
  • A = Anyone
  • R =Related
  • C = Closely to
  • Q = Queen Vivi

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