Adobe indesign is a type of software that is used to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books.

The Different Tools

  • Selection Tool (V/ESC): Used for selecting
  • Direct Selection Tool: Used for selecting parts of objects e.g if you create a rectangle on the page, the DST can move different pars of the rectangle individually
  • Type Tool: Used for typing text on the page
  • Line Tool:

How To Load A Picture

  • File – Place – choose the image you want – put it anywhere you want it to be on the page
  • Use the “Rectangle Frame Tool” to draw a rectangle on the page – choose the image you want – drag and drop in the rectangle: The size of the rectangle determines the size of the image


What are some ways you can get the magnification of a document?

  • View – Zoom in
  • Zoom tool on the tools panel on the left

How do you select tools in indesign?

  • From the tools panel on the left, click on the tool you would like to select

What are the three ways to display a panel?


How do you create a panel group?

  • Move a panel from from the dock and put it on its own, then remove another panel from a  dock and put that panel into the first panel that you previously removed





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