Propaganda = An attempt at manipulating and directing behaviour to get a response that the propagandist wants

To Understand Propaganda, it’s important to first understand Ideology

Ideology = A logical set of beliefs and ideas

A fair number of people should share these beliefs and ideologies and they should form a system

Propaganda And Persuasion

Persuasion =  Making people do or believe something or to adopt a certain thought or action e.g telling a friend to go clubbing when he has an exam the next morning.

People Have 3 Attributes To Their Personality That Can Be Influenced:

1). Beliefs = A gut feeling that something is true, even though that belief is unproven

2). Values = How important something is to someone: this can be seen in the way we live our lives

3). Attitude = How you express your beliefs e.g your behaviour or words you use

Propaganda Continuation

Propaganda isn’t based only on lies, but more on manipulating the thoughts of people

Propaganda can be influenced by the use of mass media. For example, the video below is a clip of how the media staged live war coverage to create a sense of drama and danger around people who were not in harm’s way.

Propaganda And Falsehood

Propagandists use true facts to support a false interpretation of an event. This is because, if someone were to question the interpretation given by the propagandist, the propagandist can show evidence that the facts they gave were true – thereby fooling the public into thinking because the facts are true, the interpretations must also be true.


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