Propaganda Reflection: Quit Smoking


Propaganda is the attempt at manipulating and directing behaviour to get a response that the propagandist wants. For example, in the above image, the propagandist wants people to stop smoking, as to begin with, there is a small note on the bottom right of the image saying “Quit Smoking”. These two simple words makes it clear that the propagandist believes smoking is bad, as (s)he could have written an essay on why to stop smoking, but the two words are very blunt and straightforward, creating a stronger impact as the picture can speak for itself.

This image borrows from the game Pong (Pong, 2017). The cigarette acts as a paddle that disintegrates the lungs slowly but surely.

This image is propaganda because the propagandist wishes to stop people from smoking by showing the dangers of smoking in perspective of a game. Just like Pong, if the ball bouncing off the cigarette did so long enough, the result would be fatal. The propagandist is already showing the lungs being damaged slowly, as can be seen by the bottom part of each lung is being damaged with each cigarette puffed. As the lungs are only partially damaged this gives the impression that smoking does not kill instantly, instead gradually, and it gives the connotation that the the process of dying from smoking is slow and excruciating.

In addition, the propagandist has chosen a black background for the image. The colour black brings with it a very negative connotation, one that is meant to symbolise death and fear, further adding to his/her viewpoint on how smoking kills.


Bibliography:Pong (2017) in Wikipedia. Available at: (Accessed: 5 January 2017).



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