Sexualisation Picture Reflection

Burger king sexualisation.png

The above image is an advertisement by Burger King franchise on their new product. In the image, the woman is sexualised in a few ways. To begin with, the woman is wearing red lipstick. The colour red gives a sexual and provocative connotation . Her mouth is wide open, which implies that she is about to give oral sex. In addition, you cannot see the entire sandwich as it fades away towards the right.

The denotation is that it is a burger, while the connotation is that it is a huge phallus and the way that the woman is staring also implies that the burger is big, which hints toward the sexuality of this image, as she is startled by the size of the burger: this is clearly shown in her facial expressions, as her eyes are wide open and her mouth is open, which also insinuates that she is shocked at its size. This sexualises her and portrays her to be a sexually driven woman.

As well, the words “It’ll blow your mind away” are written in the middle of the image, which implies that the creator of the image wanted those words to be the first thing that the customer sees. This also further references the sexuality of this woman in the image, as the word ‘blow’ is slang for oral sex,  and the way in which the woman is positioned ready to receive the sandwich is indicative of sexual behaviour.

The words under the burger “Super seven incher” also further her sexualisation in this image, as although the image is clearly of a burger, the connotation is that it is a man’s phallus.


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