For my Manga blog, i decided to use Facebook to promote it, as there are over 1 billion users on Facebook today, so i felt there was more of a chance of reaching out to people because there are more on Facebook than there are on Twitter, Instagram and any other social media site.

In addition, on Facebook, i am a part of a group called “One Piece”. This group has over 100,000 members. There are also numerous manga pages on Facebook, some with over 5 million followers and members, so i used Facebook as an advertising platform because there are not as many manga pages on Instagram and Twitter as there are on Facebook.

I have also decided to do Youtube videos for my blog and to create a channel, because i have seen a few people make Youtube videos about Manga. Roger’s Base is a YouTuber that makes weekly reviews of anime episodes and manga chapters such as of the ongoing manga series One Piece. He has just over 100,000 subscribers and is loved by many manga fans on YouTube for his passion, especially with his live reactions.

Sawyer7Mage is another YouTuber that i have subscribed to. He also makes Manga reviews and is knowledgable when it comes to his reviews, going in depth in analysis. As I find their content amazing, i wanted to replicate the idea of doing manga reviews, because i also find them quite fun to do

There is also a huge number of Manga fanatics on Youtube so i wanted to reach out to them. In addition, i want to make my blog a little different by not just having a viewer read my content, but to also be able to watch my content.

For my blog posts, i have decided to use less formal English. This is because my main target audience is teenagers, since the blog is not a formal blog where the English would be of a higher standard. That being said, the language is not overly basic, but rather it is simple to understand.

For my blog, i chose different categories to post in, such as Kokomo, Seinen, Shojo, and Yoji, which are all manga genres. However, i do not read any of these manga, so it was a mistake to put them as categories since i won’t post content in them because i don’t know enough about them.

However, i put my social sites on my blog to link viewers onto my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to contact and follow me. As soon as i begin making YouTube videos, i believe this will help get better interactions with viewers.

For my widgets, apart from my social media sites, i have a categories widget to let people know of the different types of manga (although this is redundant because i won’t use them), a follow widget, so that they can follow my blog and get updates on posts, Home, About and Contact widgets to be directed to my homepage, to contact me with my email details, and to know what the blog is about.

I have made my manga blog responsive to laptops and mobile phones, as the layout smoothly adjusts based on the screen size and resolution.

In some posts i added polls  to better the interaction between myself and readers.


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