Karl Marx was a German atheist, philosopher, economist, journalist and revolutionary born in 1818

Marxism = A theory that states that in society, there is conflict between two classes: the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat (the rich/capitalists and the poor/workers)

What They Want

  • Capitalists/the rich want the most profit with the least costs incurred. The capitalists compete against each other, and the successful capitalists get richer, while the capitalists that failed agains the successful ones fall to the level of the workers


  • Workers/the poor want the highest wages for the least work. The workers get poorer because they get taken advantage of by the remaining capitalists

Marx’s Beliefs And Communism

Marx believed that one day the workers will take a stand against the capitalists and rise up, and then a new communist society will be created  to replace capitalism, where all people are treated equally

Communism = Where everyone is treated equally and are on the same level, no one is higher and no one is lower.

Why The Conflict Though?

Marx believes that societies are always made from 2 parts: Base and Superstructure 


The base is the economy, or


The superstructure is all the other parts that make up society: religion, culture, education etc

Marx believes the economic base shapes the superstructure




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