Marxism,  is a theory that states that in society, there is conflict between two classes: the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat (the rich/capitalists and the poor/workers)

This is an image taken from the battle of Orngreave.

Marxist connotations are clear as there is conflict between the bourgeoisie and the worker, as there is a division between the man and the policemen who are the Bourgeoisie.

In the image, there is a fair number of policemen. This symbolises strength that they have against the worker in numbers, as the worker is alone against many bourgeoisie. In addition, they are all dressed in black, which represents fear and death.

Marxism believes that the workers are oppressed by the capitalists: here, the worker looks very fearful and worried, as can be seen from his facial expression, implying that the Bourgeoisie dominate him and bring fear upon him. A few of the bourgeoisie are laughing while he is walking away, further symbolising oppression.

Majority of them are not even looking at him: the connotation of that is that he is a peasant not even worthy of being looked at. They have not made eye contact with him, which also symbolises class, as it implies that they are far above his league, which is another idea of Marx. The proletariat is not looking up but to his side, which shows  a lack of confidence.

The use of black and white give a sense of realism, depression as the man is not smiling, and further adds to the feeling of fear since there is no colour.

Marxism believes the workers will one day rise up against the bourgeoisie: there is suspense as the man is walking away and could return one day to retaliate.



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