For my video, i decided to draw my two manga characters, because I enjoy drawing them in my spare time (although it had been just over 3 months since i last drew them, until i did my video) and it was something i felt i could easily do as a video.

What went well

  • The drawings came out much better than i anticipated – i haven’t drawn these characters in a while so i didn’t know if the drawings would look good, but they came out looking good
  • The angle that i shot the video from was also really good – i shot it from above, fixing my tripod stand onto the table, so the drawing stood out a lot more
  • I used a Camera Canon 750D, and a Rode microphone – the camera had excellent visual quality and the microphone had excellent audio quality

What didn’t go well

  • I didn’t have as much drawing equipment as i would have liked to make the drawing stand out even more e.g Copic markers to colour the characters
  • Fixing the tripod stand on the table was tremendously difficult because the tripod stand was faulty
  • The lighting wasn’t as good as i would have liked it to be


What i could do better next time

  • Buy good lights – i will buy better lights next time so that my drawing looks even better
  • Try the tripod stand before actually attempting to use it so that i can borrow another one in case the one i am using is faulty


I did this video with the aim of drawing my manga characters from start to finish, showing progression and improvement of the drawing throughout the video. This was my goal and i believe i achieved it.



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