Research – Mark Crilley

Mark Crilley is an American manga creator, artist and children’s book author. He has multiple videos on his YouTube channel of him drawing manga characters.

His drawings and his drawing tutorials are excellent – i learned a lot about how to draw manga characters from his manga tutorials. I decided to use him as my inspiration to draw for my video, because i’ve been watching his tutorials and videos for over 4 years now, and i think that when it comes to tutorials, he’s the best – because he’s informative and very skilful.

Most of the time, he finishes his drawing by inking it : I decided to ink my twi manga characters after seeing how good hsisdrawings came out when he finished inking them

With most of his videos, the drawings are in bird’s eye view, so i put my tripod stand on top of my table to get the bird’s eye view as well.



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