Mending The Leaky Bucket – How To Keep Readers On Your Site

Mending the leaky bucket is a term that means to fix up what is messed up. Leaky bucket is the marketing term that refers to a business losing customers. Instead of pouring more water (or in this case more content) you should focus on patching up the holes.

Often times it can be difficult to keep readers interested in your blog even when your posts are exciting. If there is a high bounce rate – i.e if readers are coming to your site and immediately bouncing away, then they’re not interested and thats’s a bad thing.

However, here are a few ways to fix that:

1). Create An Email Newsletter – This is every useful in keeping readers informed. A sign up form appears on posts and pages on your site, and readers can sign up and can get daily, weekly or monthly emails straight to their inbox.

2). Related Post – At the end of a post, a reader should be able to see more related posts that you have made. For example, if you made a post on “Companies offering Tech Support Jobs”, a related post can show up of “Work At Home Tech Support Benefits” or “Best Sites For Finding Tech Support Jobs”.

3). Internal Links – Link readers from one of your posts to the next, or to internal categories. That way they are more likely to stay on your site, as they will be clicking on one post and be redirected to another post in your site.

4). Interaction – Create polls and get them voting – they’ll come back for results. Create comment threads – they’ll want to see if people agree or disagree with them.

5). Social sharing buttons – Link people to your own social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. That way they can reach you easier

6). Have Variety – Don’t just make posts – make videos as well, do something different – Be creative!

7). Be Yourself – Be funny (everyone is funny whether they believe it or not) and be genuine, and people will eventually come back for more.

8). Consistency – Do not make one post and then make another after 2 months – readers will get bored and will not return to your site. At least once a week make a post.


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