Mixed Emotions – Anger and Calm during Construction work in Hull


Unfinished Construction Work in Hull preparing for City of Culture.


Residents in Hull are calling for an end to the construction work taking place for the upcoming City of Culture 2017 events.

The building work, which is taking place in majority of places in Hull, has been on going for more than a year: it is for refurbishments across the city to create more space in some areas and to completely renovate buildings in other places.

The work is also for the safety of the residents, as one construction worker said: “The old tiles were sticking out, so they had to be changed for health and safety reasons.”

The construction work has received negative feedback from residents, however, as Annamarie, 22, a student at Hull College said: “The construction work affects me when I am going to college, it slows me down.”

Carl from Hull said: “Doesn’t it affect everybody? It gets in my way. The other day I was going to the bank then I realised it was a dead end. I ended up having to change routes, it is so frustrating. I heard it will be done by March but I doubt it.”

The construction affects some in vehicles as well. Andrew, 70 from Manchester said: “Because of the construction work, there is a lot of traffic in town: it’s a nightmare honestly.”

However, not everyone is affected by the work taking place. When asked if it affects him, Bob from Cottingham said: “Not at all. There’s a bit more traffic but it’s all for the greater good. I don’t see how it can be affecting anyone.”

Kyle, 21, from Hull, said: “No it doesn’t affect me. I walk to college which is really close from where I live.”

As the work is taking place in different areas in Hull, not all places will finish construction at the same time.

The Hull City Council have confirmed the refurbishments taking place at Trinity market will end approaching Autumn. Jenny Langrick, a media relations officer from the Hull City Council said: “Trinity Market work started just before Christmas. We expect the food hall to be complete in the Spring with the remainder of the market towards Autumn.”









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