Statement Of Intent – Photography Project

What The Project Is

My mission is to show the beautiful architecture in Hull, as since i have been in Hull for only a few months, i have been mesmerised by a few of the buildings. Therefore i feel as though capturing the beautiful buildings and sculptures in Hull would make people more aware of the beauty they walk by everyday and give people, as well as myself, a different perspective to the word beauty.

I will be capturing different architecture, from buildings to bridges to statues in order to showcase their beauty.

Who I Will Be Researching

For my photography project, i will conduct research on Kelly McCann who is an amazing photographer that captures buildings of many shapes in different perspectives. I especially like her use of black and white in all her photos, as it gives the buildings a greater beauty, and she is able to make even simple objects look extremely appealing with her use of black and white: For example, this is an image of a fire exit, however it looks magnificent due to the added black and white and her careful editing.

Where Am I Doing This Project

I will be doing this project in Hull, however as i am travelling to London, i may also take a photo of a building  or a structure in London.



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