Angle Of View

The angle of view is a measure of how much of a scene a lens can take in. It changes according to the focal length of the lens. The longer the focal length (the larger the lens number), the narrower the angle of view; the shorter the focal length (wide angle), the wider the angle of view.

Therefore, when shooting from the same position, a wide-angle lens (with a wide angle of view) will capture a larger area, making the subject seem smaller in the photo, whereas a narrow lens (with a narrow angle of view) will depict a smaller area, making the subject seem larger.

In the image below, the photo was taken using an 18mm lens of a Canon 750D standing relatively close to the subject.



Standing  further back and adjusting the lens, the photo below was taken using a 55mm lens of the same camera, creating the impression that the lens was still the same as the angle of view was relatively the same as in the first photo, as can be seen the subject appears to be relatively the same distance in both photos.





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