Light Shows Kick Start City Of Culture 2017


Queen Victoria Square light shows for Hull City of culture 2017.

About 26,000 people flocked to Hull last night to witness the various light shows as the City of Culture 2017 celebrations continued.

The week long event, which began on the 1st January, and takes place throughout the city, captured the story of Hull’s historical past using lights and film bringing animations to life.

The light shows, directed by award winning film maker Sean McAllister, were portrayed as films and projected on buildings across different locations in Hull: scenes such as Hull becoming this year’s City of Culture were shown to spectators.

The light shows on Scale Lane were about how unemployment and benefit sanctions are affecting youths, but also how Hull will rise against all its challenges.

Gaina, a volunteer for the light shows on Scale Lane said: “This story is about how unemployment is affecting the youths, and how although Hull has had its fair share of trying times, there is still hope. I hope people can see how beautiful Hull really is now.”

Matthew, 37, from Hull said: “This is the best way 2017 could have started. All these buildings tell a story. It is bringing us all closer together and I know for a fact that 2017 is going to be epic.”

The light shows at The Deep were about people entering and leaving Hull, and how Hull’s distinct character and culture has been formed over time.

Cathy, a volunteer for the films near the deep said: “Many people come and leave the city, but this year many people are coming. Literally thousands of people from as far as London have applied to be volunteers for this year’s city of culture: Hull is definitely on the rise.”

Queen Victoria Square alone managed to attract more than 1000 people, showcasing the history of Hull over the past 70 years.

Lisa, 18,  from Hull watching the light shows in Queen Victoria Square said: “I have literally only watched this film. I watched it yesterday too.

“I haven’t even seen the others around. I know they are probably good but i just really love this film. The music fits in so well with the movie i just can’t get enough.”

The light shows, which are free and take place from 4-9pm until the 7th January, are going to be followed by numerous other events throughout the month.


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