News Stories in Writing For Purpose Reflection

News Stories in Writing For Purpose

Since joining, i have found it easy to learn how to write a news story. I learned how to write a captivating headline to catch the reader’s eye, however i still struggle with my consistency, because i do not read newspapers as religiously as i should be reading them. At times i get lazy and happen to not read a newspaper at all.

Structuring a story is something i still struggle with from time to time: i find that at one point the structure of my story is spectacular, and the next time it is horrendous. This may be due to the fact that i rarely read newspapers. Despite this, however, i am all the while improving my written structure skills by writing more news stories.

For my blog posts, i chose to use a more professional style of writing as opposed to my Manga blog. This is because the posts for my manga blog are personal and come from my point of view, as opposed to the stories I write for this blog, which are for a wider range of people.


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