Writing For Purpose 12 day Campaign Reflection – Target Audience and why I used specific pieces of Social Media that I chose to use.

My article is for the Hull Daily Mail, as it is about the struggles faced by the homeless in Hull, which is a local issue.

Hull Daily Mail has a circulation of ‎40,000 and above, so a local issue such as homelessness may attract many people. (Hull daily mail, 2016)

My article is targeted towards adults. In my article, I write about a campaign and the challenges faced by the homeless. The language used is not slang that teenagers would use; I do not use words such as isn’t and wasn’t unless it is a quote.  In addition, the article is informative instead of entertaining, as entertainment would be for children and young teenagers who are primarily interested in entertainment more so than information.

For my article, I used Audioboom, Infogram and Google maps.

I chose to use Audioboom as I was interviewing a homeless man to understand why he felt Humber care was not good. As I cannot use Short hand, I wanted to record what he was saying in order to not miss key information. In addition, I used Audioboom in order to edit out information I felt was not sufficient for the interview. As well, hearing the voice of someone brings the article to life and gives it a unique touch.

I used Infogram for my article as I wanted to present the statistics I used in a visual manner to make my article more appealing. As well, infogram was useful as I used graphics to present the information; this is because graphics are relatively easy to understand, as infogram is able to take complex information and turn it into simple, understandable information visually.

I used Google Maps for my article I wanted to show where the homeless people live, which I felt would be best represented on a map. Google maps are able to bring together different locations and pin point them accurately which would be difficult to do using other tools, as Google maps is tailored specifically for pin pointing specific locations. As well, like infogram, it is also visually appealing and relatively simple to understand.



Hull daily mail (2016) in Wikipedia. Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hull_Daily_Mail (Accessed: 5 January 2017).













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