Japanese Typography & Advantages of it


Japanese is written in a mixture of 3 different scripts:

  • Kanji is chinese symbols: Kanji has about 50,000 characters
  • Hiragana and Katakana have 46 characters each

Advantages of Japanese Typography

It can help reach a wider audience and help a business grow dramatically. For example, Twitter invested in marketing and research in Japan and it grew from 7 to 35 million users over the last five years in Japan.

In the same way, investing in Japanese typography can be very useful especially when attempting to attract customers, as not everyone can read English so they may not understand.


Certain Fonts offer a great advantage as well:

Meiryo font – sans-serif type

It has high legibility and you can use it for almost any kind of content.

Flop Design Font

Flop design is a simple Gothic (sans-serif) font that looks like warm, comforting, handwritten script. It has high text legibility for a smaller font. As it has a feminine look, it is great for magazines

Kanjuku Gothic

This font is a retro Gothic font that is useful for logos and headers – which is great for attracting customers as the logos and the headers are most likely the first thing they will notice.


Smartphone UI font

Its design is high text legibility on mobile devices, but also gives a modern impression to readers.



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