Photo Evaluation

For my photography project, i decided to take pictures of the architecture in Hull to show others the beauty they walk by everyday. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

During my project, i had great success. As i was taking photos of the architecture in Hull, i was able to do a great deal in terms of experimentation as i was not limited – i had a vast number of buildings surrounding me with every corner i turned. I had particular success in some of the pictures i took. For example, i captured an image of The Deep using the railings. This turned out to be a great success as not only did the image come out in clear quality, but i used different colours for the image: a mixture of red, yellow and black for part of the water to create a colour contrast. I was able to experiment not only with black and white in photoshop, but also with different colours.

Initially i was not so creative with my photographs, simply taking pictures of buildings in the same angle and not attempting to experiment with different sources. However as i took more pictures, that changed. For example with the mirror image of the Holy Trinity Church, I decided to use the environment to my advantage and i used the mirror opposite the Church to give it an abstract and unique feeling as opposed to taking simplistic photos of local buildings.

My use of photoshop also helped me a lot, as the black and white images came out very well, and as i went more in-depth in the study of photography, i became more aware of leading lines, which i believe i used very well in some of my photos.

I also faced numerous challenges. Firstly, throughout the entire project, i never once used a tripod stand. This greatly affected my photographs, particularly the photograph of the statue: as i did not use a tripod, the horizon was slanted instead of being straight. Had i used a tripod stand, the horizon would have been straight and the overall photo would look a lot better.

Furthermore, although i had progressed a lot throughout my project, i was still very inexperienced. I constantly thought that the shutter speed was the aperture, and that if i changed the shutter speed, then it would lead to the background becoming blurry.  I was barely changing the aperture, as i believed the shutter speed was the aperture, which is why in a number of my photos the aperture is between f/4 to f/7 and not any lower or higher, as i was barely playing around with it.

As well, a few of my images were of the same building. For example, in my final essay, two of the photos are of The Deep, and two from St Stephens. I did not roam around Hull enough to find more architecture that i could have incorporated in my project.

Since i have learned a lot, i would definitely do multiple things differently had i the chance. I would begin by changing the aperture in more of the photos, thereby giving the photos variety.

I would also use a tripod stand, as this would give me time to capture a building in great quality and the horizon would then be straight.

I believe my project had numerous successes and failures, however overall i believe it was a success as i feel the beauty of the architecture and buildings in each of my photos.


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