Third Attempt at capturing the Beauty of Hull through Architecture

With a greater knowledge of rule of thirds, composition, leading lines, and more confidence, i set out to multiple locations for the third time: namely The Deep, The Holy Trinity Church, and St Stephens.


Having experienced trouble capturing an image of St Stephens, i went to the back of the building to photograph its very unique and unusual shape.



As i had already captured a few photos of The Deep, i wanted to get a more interesting photo of it, so i took a picture through the railings. I was unsure of what i was doing at first, but i believe it came out well thanks a slight editing using a picture tool on my laptop and the overall colours of the picture.




I wanted to capture the statue in a darker colour by facing the sun and taking the picture. The picture came out well for the most part as i achieved what i wanted, however because i did not use a tripod to set the camera on, the horizon is extremely slanted.thumb_img_0278_1024




This is my favourite image from my third attempt. I used the glass opposite the Holy Trinity Church to create this abstract image.


As it is the City of Culture, the light shows were everywhere. I took the opportunity to attend them and got this image of a local building showing the history of Hull over the past 70 years. The colours on the building really caught my attention.


I went back to the deep for the final time and captured a few images of the light shows. The colours not only on the building but reflecting on the water look very beautiful.



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