First Attempt at capturing the Beauty of Hull through Architecture

This was my very first attempt at capturing the beautiful architecture in Hull. Using a Canon 75D Camera, i set out in hopes to capture great shots of the architecture: however, this being my very first time using a Canon 750D, i had absolutely no experience. I was rather new to photography as well, and was very nervous as i did not know how to change Camera settings at all, such as the aperture or the shutter speed, which would have impacted my photos in a positive manner.

This first experience turned out to be a complete mess as the photos i was taking were only of part of a building rather then the entire building.

As i was not confident, i did not travel far in search of different architecture such as The Deep: I focused primarily for the first half of the day capturing Saint Mary’s Church and other buildings very close by.


The Saint Mary’s Church: my very first photo. I glanced up and noticed the shape of the ceiling looked good so i wanted to capture that specific point.






As i had very briefly studied Kelly Mcann’s photography, this gave me ideas to get leading lines in a photo.





I did not know why the picture was not coming out clear, until i noticed that because it was getting dark, this affected how the picture would come out.


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