Second Attempt at capturing the Beauty of Hull through Architecture

After learning from my mistakes and watching YouTube videos on how to take good photos, i went about for the second time aiming to take much better photos.

I spent majority of my time at The Deep looking for beautiful architecture. As i became more aware of how to take photos, i had more confidence. Using the same Camera 750D, i took photos of not only buildings but statues and bridges as well: and from different angles.

I also began using the rule of thirds which i was still quite unfamiliar with.

However, my lack of experience with the camera led to the second photo coming out badly. The building behind the railing came out blurred when my intention for it was to be clear, as i used an aperture of f/4 when it should have been higher.




I particularly liked how the shadows formed from the bridge and applied my knowledge of leading lines to take this photo.




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