Christian Als

Christian Als is a Danish photographer and filmmaker.  His passion for photography began to bloom upon plentiful travel, where he began to take a liking towards third world countries and the political, economic and social issues surrounding them.

Christian has done multiple projects, one being “Kibera- the Shadow City.” Kibera is the biggest slum in Africa, with approximately 170,070 people. I like the image below as Christian shows how densely populated the slum is by capturing it from a birds eye view. kibera-1

All of Christian’s photos for this project are in black and white, which i like, as the lack of colour helps emphasize emotion. A great example of this is the image below of the child.

Christian blurred out the background, making the viewer focus all their attention on the child. As well, colour can provide distractions, so with the lack of colour, there is a stronger emotional connection between the viewer and the subject, most especially knowing the hardships the child is facing, as Christian states, in Kibera, there is an estimated 100,000 orphaned children in the slum.


I admire Christian’s work as i sense a strong message in his photos. For example, the image below shows a person worshipping. The message being despite the hardships there is still hope.




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