Corey Arnold

Corey Arnold is an American photographer and commercial fisherman. He has photographed for the discovery channel “Deadliest Catch” and has published his own book “Fish-work: The Bering Sea”.

Corey’s photography immediately caught my attention due to the spectacular quality in each of his photos.Christian

By using a fast shutter speed, Corey was able to freeze time thereby making the water individual water droplets. This picture is amazing because of the detail of the man in orange: as can be seen, there is great detail in terms of the light and shadows on the creases of his clothing.

Eighteen Degrees and Hauling

Corey has stated that on occasion he stages his photographs: “I think sometimes the feeling you can get from a staged photo can say a lot about the reality of a place, it’s not necessarily a lie, it’s just getting the viewer to have a feel for what you’re creating. I’m not afraid to lie a little bit sometimes.”

As he stages his photos, this gives him control over every aspect of the photo. Not only does this greatly increase the detail and quality of the photos, as can be seen in the photo below, but it gives the viewer a completely different viewpoint of the ocean.



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