1940s to Now: Hessle Road Youths Celebrate their History


1940s to Now

Over 50 people young and old flocked together in St John the Baptist Church in Hull last night to witness a performance done by youths as part of the City of Culture 2017.

The near 2-hour long performance was done by the children of Hessle road, focusing on the childhood of the youngsters in the 1940s, and the differences between the youths 7 decades ago and those now.

Prior to the performance, the children interviewed elderly residents about the lives they lead when they were children, after which they collaborated with a dance tutor for the performance.

The show begun with the children depicting how the youngsters lived their lives during the second world war: girls would set up the dinner table while boys were out working, catching fish or playing with their friends.

The next few scenes detailed the harsh realities of growing up in the decline of the fishing industry. The unforgiving weather meant some fishermen were lost at sea and never returned.

The final scenes showed how modern technology has drastically changed the children of today, making them less sociable, as well as the challenges faced by the young people of today such as depression, anger, and over-thinking.

Angela Brodie, from Hessle Road, who came to watch the show said: “The project, from the heart of Hessle road, allowed the children to speak of their own youth using their skills and culture. It was very well executed. What a great deal of pleasure from them and their community.”

The performance, that took the children 4 months to prepare for, had the crowd in cheers all throughout.





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