‘A Place They Call Forgotten Town’: Film celebrates Hull City of Culture.


Multiple people gathered together inside Kardomah94 last night to watch the screening for the musical-based video ‘A place they call forgotten town’, celebrating the city of culture 2017.

Henry Priestman, an English rock singer, keyboardist, record producer and songwriter born in Hull collaborated with Humber Films to remake his song  ‘Forgotten Town’, which he performed yesterday evening at Kardomah94 in front a mixed crowd, both young and old. The venue was packed, with several people standing as there was not enough seating space.

The song Forgotten Town is about the state of the city in the 1980s. Henry definitely had the people in high spirits, as the crowd was cheerfully singing along and swaying their arms during his performance.

The film, created by Humber Films, featured over 20 community groups in Hull, including Danny’s Dream, Humber All Nations Alliance, Child Dynamix, Hull CVS, and Hull Clinical Commissioning Group. It also included film clips submitted by local people.

The video portrays Hull changing from a forgotten town to a city that is rising and becoming widely known throughout the United Kingdom.

Malcom Scott, owner of Kardomah94 said: “This is the release of the video and song that celebrated the first quarter of the year of Hull city of culture. It was written 30 years ago by Henry Priestman who has great success in a band called Christians.

“It was thousands of hours of work: hundreds of people were involved in the film. It was a massive amount of work over 4 months.”

After the performance, people were ushered out to watch the film being projected on the Kardomah94 building.

The film lasted for approximately 4 minutes. Similar to Henry Priestman’s performance, it had people energetic, as they danced and sang along to the clip. The night as a whole brought about a feeling of hope, as people seemed expectant and hopeful for the future of Hull.


Film projected on the building


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