Stevie Nimmo Takes Hull on Sky Won’t Fall Tour

Stevie Nimmo performed at Früit in Hull yesterday evening in front of a crowd of at least 50 people.

The venue was busy, with people buying drinks from the bar and chatting excitedly in anticipation of the evening ahead.

The night began at 8pm, with the Steve Fulsham Band taking the stage first, performing for approximately 45 minutes. They livened the crowed up and brought a great vibe to the place before letting Stevie Nimmo take the show.

During their performance, the band had the people energetically singing along and bobbing their heads to each of their songs.

After performing, Steve Fulsham said: “It was absolutely amazing, such a great venue. It’s good to be among friends.”


Steve Fulsham Band Performing Before Stevie Nimmo

Stevie later took to the stage at about 9:15pm, arriving on stage to roaring and excited fans.

He performed a few songs such as Chains of Hope, Goin’ Down, Roll the Dice Again, Lovin’ Might Do Us Good and a few other songs.

Stevie had the people jumping up and down to the beat of every song and singing along, particularly during his song Goin’ Down’ where he sang: “I’m goin’ down”, while the crowd seconds later screamed: “I’m goin’ down, down, down, down, down!”

The passion with which he played each song only made everyone more enthusiastic.

At the end of the near hour and a half performance, Stevie said: “Performing here was great fun!”

Postperformance, there was a meet and greet, where fans queued up ready to buy some of Stevie’s CD’s that were available for purchase at the venue.


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