Mummies of Yorkshire

Professor Joann Fletcher gave a talk about the Mummies of Yorkshire on Thursday night at the Hands on History Museum in Hull.

Joann, 50, who is an Egyptologist, believes that the mummies in Yorkshire were originally from North Africa, as she said:

“Human remains from York, male and female, recently demonstrated to have come from North Africa as a result of various forms of analysis carried out by Reading University.

“The bodies were also coated in a layer of preservative plaster so called gypsum plaster. It was a practice that even reached Britain.

“Majority of these gypsum plaster mummies do come from Yorkshire.”

According to Joann, the mummies were covered in the gypsum plaster in order to preserve them in the wet climate of Yorkshire.

She has also discovered bronze figurines: “There are other ancient Egyptian findings from where we are tonight: A fabulous bronze figurine of the Goddess Isis son, Horus, and 2 marvellous bronze crocodiles.”

In the Hands on History museum, there are life size replicas of ancient figurines ranging from a statue of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun to the Rosetta Stone that became the key to unlocking the secrets to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

William Aumonier, a British sculptor, along with a team of craftsmen created the replicas. These were made  London for an exhibition in Wembley in 1924.The collection of replicas were bought by Albert Reckitt, who later presented them to Hull museums.


A replica of one of a pair of life-sized figures of  Tutankhamun


Life-sized Replica of the Rosetta Stone


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