Martin Bell

Martin Bell is a former war broadcast journalist born on 31 August 1938. He joined the BBC in Norwich when he was 24 years old after getting a First Class Honours Degree studying English at King’s College, Cambridge. 

During the course of 30 years, he covered numerous war conflicts in 80 countries.

He is well known particularly for his reporting style. This video is taken from  when he reported in Bosnia, 1993.

The reasons this reporting style is so good is because:

  1. His tone of voice is very firm but calm and reassuring
  2. He has very good eye contact
  3. He showed graphic images to get people emotional and sympathetic
  4. Doesn’t make himself the centre of the story

Due to his reporting journalism style, Martin won the Royal Television Society’s Reporter of the Year award in 1977, and again in 1993.

While in Sarajevo in 1992, speaking in front of a camera, he was hit by a mortar shrapnel and suffered serious injuries.

In 1997, he announced that he was leaving the BBC and was going to stand as an independent candidate in the Tatton constituency in Cheshire. Bell was elected MP with a majority of 11,077 votes and became the first successful independent parliamentary candidate since 1951.

After his political life, Bell was appointed UNICEF Uk ambassador for Humanitarian Emergencies in 2001, to focus on the plight of children affected by conflict and natural disaster

He made a short comeback to TV news in 2003 when he gave an analysis of the Iraq invasion for ITN’s channel Five News.

Martin Bell gave a list of his top war journalists!


“BBC ON THIS DAY | Correspondents | Martin Bell”. N.p., 2017. Web. 5 Apr. 2017.


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