Humber Street Market

Hundreds came together to the Humber Street Market to enjoy a lively Sunday

The event, which is every third Sunday of the month begun at 11AM and ran up to 4PM. Although the weather was damp with a slight drizzle, that did not ruin the good Sunday vibe.

The atmosphere was extremely vibrant, with people, both young and old, moving across from one street vender to the next carefully browsing through the various products on sale.

The event was filled with a massive range of products such as paintings, beautiful antiques, jewellery, handbags, clothing for men and women, as well as different activities like face painting for children: there was something for everyone.


A painting on sale


Antiques on sale


Jewellery and handbags on sale

A live acoustics inside the Fruit venue added a more peaceful feel to the day, as people sat in chairs relaxed while watching a live performance.

Chris Heald, artist of the some of the paintings on sale said: “This event offers an alternative experience to what people are used to. For example, the local shopping malls around town,  it’s the same experience for people everyday. Here, there’s a different atmosphere every time.”

For a full list of upcoming events at Früit, visit


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