Burglary Report

19 year old Joshua Taylor has been sentenced to nine months after he plead guilty to a burglary in a family’s house.

The burglary took place at Spring Gardens on November 28 2016, where Joshua was found at the home of Pauline and Keith Clark, who at the time were both asleep with their two daughters.

Officers went to Redbourne Street in Hull on the same day to arrest another man, Nicklin, for different matters but they found Joshua at the address. However, Nicklin and his co-accused Callum Hilton were free to go since there was no evidence to prove they had links to the stolen items.

The judge, Mark Bury, thought the other two men were let off to easily, as he said:”It was a some what generous decision by the CPS to not charge then do you not think?”

According to the prosecutor Suzanne Moss, “Taylor’s fingerprints were found on the tablet. He was interviewed and said an unnamed person had offered to sell him that device.

“In a victim impact statement, Mrs Clark said she feels upset and frightened by the fact someone has been in their house while the family were in bed at the time. She says she feel worried and paranoid.”

Other stolen items include two watches, a wallet, cash and an iPod and a phone and car keys.

Taylor had nine previous convictions for 16 offences, three of which were for dishonesty. He was also on a community order for a crime that took place 10 days before the burglary.

Prior to the burglary, Taylor was found in a car in possession of a meat cleaver and kitchen knives close to a burglary in Bridlington.

According to the Defence Barrister Stephen Robinson, Taylor “intends to make the most of his time in custody and embark on a training course to avoid a further bleak future.

Regarding the two men Callum and Nicklin, judge Mark Bury was shocked that they were let off, saying:  All three of you were charged with burglary, for some reason that totally escapes me the other two accused were let off.”

Mr Bury also warned Taylor what would happen if he wasn’t careful: “What is going to happen if you are not very careful you are going to spend a lot of time in HM prison.”

Taylor has been sentenced to nine months, eight of which he will spend in a young offenders institute.





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