Work Experience – Hull Echo

I have been working for Hull Echo for a week. I have been searching for local events taking place, attending them and writing reviews about them in detail.

The stories i write for Hull Echo are feature stories which we have yet to do in college – this has allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of writing feature stories before we begin writing them in college.

Here is feedback from Nicky Brockwell, whom i have been producing stories for and who runs Hull Echo:

“Baltzer has created stories for the Hull Echo.

The stories he has created have been mostly reviews.
I find that Baltzer’s stories entertaining, with good images that he supplies along with the articles.
Baltzer goes into depth with his writing which gives the readers insight to what the articles are about. I believe Baltzer has passion in his work and very attentive to detail.
I have been impressed with his commitment to writing and I am looking forward to more of his stories to publish in the Hull Echo.”

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