Residents of Hull outraged as Woman is denied divorce

Senior judges refused a woman a divorce from her husband.

Tini Owens, 66, who has been married to her husband Hugh Owens for 40 years, attempted to overturn a ruling which said she could not divorce her husband.

The court denied Mrs Owens her appeal and refused her to divorce Mr Owens.

Residents in Hull were stunned that Mrs Owens was denied a divorce that she wanted.

Malcolm Carter, 61, from Hessle shares his views on the case:

Vlad Stavara, 26, from Hull also shares similar views, as he believes denying anyone their basic human rights is wrong:


Mark Reeves, Head of Department at Gosschalks Solicitors said:

“The case of Mr and Mrs Owens is interesting and, at the same time, a little concerning.

“The concern is about where this leads to next and, at this stage, we don’t know. It may just be a ‘blip’ and everything will continue as before. It may, however, lead to more Respondents electing to defend the divorce proceedings, which will put a greater strain on an already overloaded court system.

Other people took to twitter to express their emotions on the court’s decision:

If her and her husband remain separated for more than five years, Mrs Owens will be able to divorce her husband.


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