Photoshop Evaluation

Having completed my photoshop project, i am now able to look back and reflect on how it went.

The process of creating a logo and a professional business card has been extremely challenging. I was constantly switching from one idea to the next. What made this process very difficult was the fact that i did not know how i wanted to be portrayed, the image i wanted to give the world.

I also made this process hard on myself, as i wanted my logo and business card to be very unique: i attempted to use a 3D logo that i saw watching a YouTube tutorial on how to make logos. Needless to say the logo was extremely time consuming, and no one was able to read the initial design properly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 21.53.04

Everyone i asked was unable to tell that the second letter was an M, as i wanted to use my initials BM. Evidently, this does not look professional and is very hard to understand. I was creating a logo for the sake of making one, rather than asking myself the image i was giving of myself.

Majority of my initial designs did not reflect me as a person and would not have looked good on a business card.

In addition, since i was initially only taking inspiration from tutorials and not actual completed brands from journalists, i had no clue how to make an attractive, meaningful brand image.

After numerous attempts at creating a logo and researching journalists with completed brands, i was finally convinced that the best way to create a logo is to keep it as simple as possible.

Although i found it very challenging, i enjoyed the process in general. When one of my ideas failed, rather than being discouraged, i saw this as an opportunity to create something better.

I feel as though the entire journey of creating a brand image helped me become more creative and think in more ways than one. It also taught me the value and necessity of keeping things simple, as I have learned – the simpler the better.

The photoshop tutorials given to us in class were rather helpful in designing my final logo and business card.

Although the YouTube tutorials only confused me, after watching countless tutorials as well as doing more research i learned even more useful aspects of photoshop that may prove useful in the future when designing something else.



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