Shorthand social evaluation

Generally speaking, coming up with a story for my shorthand social was quite difficult. Much like my thinglink, i did not know what story to write about. I initially wanted to do a story on brexit or the general election, but soon realised this was not going to work, as i did not have images relevant to the story, and interviewing people on these topics was very hard, as almost nobody i spoke to wanted to give their views on either topic.

I then wanted to do a story on manga, a topic i absolutely adore. However, i felt it was more suited for thinglink and i did not want to do manga for both shorthand and thinglink.

Finally i decided to do my story on exciting events and exhibitions from the city of culture. I found this relatively easy, as i had taken most of the images and videos from events and exhibitions i had attended months before, so it was only a matter of compiling my photos and videos and writing a relevant script for them.

Overall i am pleased with the story due to the amount of multimedia it has. I have many pictures, some tweets to add to the multimedia and a video of musician Stevie Nimmo that i filmed myself. The story is also more of a fun story rather than a news story and is readable by some  younger viewers that prefer to read lighter stories rather than news stories.

However, i feel the story is slightly short and could definitely use more exhibitions and events with more multimedia.

My target audience for this would be the Hull daily mail, as i have focused on events and exhibitions specifically in Hull.

If i were to redo this, i would certainly think ahead on the story that i would write, as i wanted to do a story on the general election or brexit – both ideas would be difficult to get relevant multimedia for. As well i would generally keep everything simple by writing a story i find easy to write rather than topics i find boring.


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