For my 2000 word comparison essay, i compared John Pilger and Martin Bell. I chose these two as i feel they have contributed a lot to journalism and i look up to the both of them due to their beliefs of picking a side, as opposed to traditional journalism which aims to be as unbiased as possible.

I started this essay worrying about the word count that i thought was far too much. In the end, i went slightly above 2000 words. Before this, i was worried that i would not have enough content on Martin Bell, as he is not as widely known as Pilger is. Gathering research on him was quit difficult.

In terms of comparing the two, i decided to focus on their reporting styles. This has worked to my advantage, as there was a lot of semiotics that i was able to draw from their reporting styles, discussing the denotations and connotations of different features such as their camera shots, use of language, tone of voice and colour.

Writing this essay, i spent a good amount of time using the library to as a foundation for research. Thanks to this I was able to go a lot more in depth into analysing their work. I used various examples of their work when describing their impact and describing their reporting styles. However this essay still lacks some depth to it. I do not go as in depth on the use of language, and i have barely touched on the political impact Bell had, only stating that he became an MP.

If i were to do this essay again, i would go a lot more in depth into describing their socio political impact, as well as describing the angles they chose to shoot at, and backing up more assertions i made with examples of their work.

Ultimately, i did want to go more in depth, however due to the word count, i was unable to.


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