Evaluation of Council Story

Generally speaking, i found this easier to do than the general story that i took so long to find a topic on.

Going on the council website i searched for interesting meetings to attend in order to write a story. However many of the meetings were rather boring and were more feature than news.

Searching again after a few more days i found a meeting about a Hull Housing strategy set to improve housing standards. The story was not particularly difficult to write, and since i recorded what was said in the meeting, it was easier to get the quotes and write the story up.

The council meeting was on a very broad topic: Housing across Hull. However i picked an angle to tackle this story and focused primarily on the private sector housing.

I believe this story is newsworthy as housing is a topic that many are interested in. The council plan to make the housing better by lowering rent. As many households in the private sector are forced to pay high rent, a topic like this is likely to grab their attention and the attention of many.

In addition getting a photo relevant to this story was simple.

My story, however, could be improved upon.

This story would be best suited for the Hull daily Mail. This is because it is of concern to residents in Hull as it is about housing across Hull.



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