General News Story Evaluation

I found this extremely difficult, as i was only able to get a story at the last minute. I searched through multiple newspapers and websites to find a story to write about but most of the stories were not suited for the hyperlocal website.

I wrote a story about an event i attended called the Hanse Day event. Although it is not a very serious news topic, over 21,000 people attended this event so it can be argued that it is still newsworthy.

As well it is about the heritage of Hull back in the 13th century and how Hull transformed tremendously over the years.

If i were to redo this story again, perhaps i would aim to talk to as many people as i could in town, such as local traders and event planners in order to get a better news story to write about.

Overall however, i am happy with this story, as i was also able to get quotes from the event organiser, which helped strengthen the story a little.

If this story were to be published it would go onto the Hull Daily Mail as this annual festival targets Hull in general speaking about its past and not just a specific part of Hull.


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