Is print dead, and the future of journalism purely online?

For a great number of years many have argued over a definite answer to the question: “is print dead?”

One cannot deny the fact that it is dying. Within the past ten years, according to research from Press Gazette, an estimated 300 local newspapers have been closed. In terms of advertising revenue, print is also making significant losses. Last year, the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Sun had a decrease of around 5% in ad revenue.

Nowadays as well, people are relying less on newspapers as a source of news, and are relying more on technology.

Here is an infographic showing the decline in newspaper circulations, detailing the percentage change in the average and weekly circulations.

In addition, a survey conducted by Pew Research Centre in 2016 found that 24% of adults in the USA found cable TV news to be most helpful, while 3% found local paper in print to be helpful, and 2% found the national paper in print helpful. It also found that 36% of U.S adults learned something about the election from a print newspaper. This was lower than the percentage that learned from radio (44%), digital sources (64%) or 78% from TV (Barthel, 2016).

Evidently, print is dying. However, to say that it is dead now would be incorrect. Here is an infographic based off of research conducted by Pew Research Centre, which found that 51% of those who read a newspaper read it only in print, while 5% read it on desktop only. This research shows that print is not yet dead and is widely used.

In conclusion, although print is at a severe disadvantage with ad revenue falling and more people relying on online sources and technology as a source of information, print is not yet dead. That being said, however, with constant developments in technology, and with teenagers preferring online mediums to print, all the evidence points to journalism being purely online in the future.


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