Mojo Evaluation

I wrote my story on a woman that was refused to divorce her husband. Getting this story was not so difficult, as i was scrolling through newspapers looking for interesting stories and found this one.

Getting quotes was not so easy as many people did not want to be video recorded. Although i managed to get two interviews on video, the second video was not good as the person i was interviewing gave very short and brief answers. In addition, my first and only video interview had a lot of wind noise which i tried to blur out using a wind muff on my phone. However it did not help much, so i edited the video to reduce the wind sounds but the audio sounds quite different.

I felt this story needed the view of someone relevant, such as a solicitor. It was difficult to get in touch with one as many either did not answer their phones when i rang to talk to them or did not want to give their opinions on this topic.

Despite the challenges faced, after hours of phone calls and emails, my persistence payed off, as i managed to get a quote from a Solicitor about his views on the story. This helps give the story a more professional view as opposed to simply asking members of the public about their thoughts and feelings.

I also have an audio interview. Although there is the sound of a siren in the background, the interview lasted for over a minute, with the interviewee giving his full opinion on the subject. There is also a lot less wind in the audio so it is clearer. I also embedded strong tweets to add more multimedia to the story.

If i were to redo this story i would aim to get interviews from people in quieter places to avoid the wind.

I believe this story is suited for a publication such as the BBC, as the entire case itself is not based in Hull so it would not be suitable for the Hull daily mail. As well it is a topic that affects a very wide range of people.


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