Plans To Change Housing In The Private Sector Approved – Council Story


Hull City Council have given the go ahead for a plan set to drastically improve housing standards in the private sector.

The council plan to make a high quality, energy efficient and affordable private rented sector so that it is accessible to all.

The need to improve the housing was discussed by members of the cabinet last week, as it was noted the rent is too high, and this leaves many households struggling to survive.

In addition the houses are of poor quality, since the heating is insufficient.

To improve the heating in the houses, the council plan to develop and publish Hull’s Affordable Warmth Strategy.

The size of the private sector as a whole is only a portion of the problem. There are currently almost 2,500 homes that have been empty for nearly six months – the vast majority of these are in the private sector.

It is expected to increase even more in size, as Dave Richmond, head of housing said: “Private renting sector has doubled in size and is expected to double in size over the next 10 years. It really is going to be the looming problem that we face in this city unless we get to grips with it.”

To tackle this particular issue, the council plan to find new and creative ways of bringing the empty homes back into use as well.

Another issue discussed to target was the affordability of the private sector that leaves many people without homes, as Mr Richmond pointed out: “the private sector is the main cause of homelessness.”

Many in the private sector are rough sleepers due to the high rent.

Cllr Steve Brady, leader of the council said: “We have got to drive up the standards of the private sector. Some people are living in awful conditions and it’s unacceptable.

We want (the private sector housing) to be a decent home standard. We want clean, dry homes and to me it’s the least that can be expected from anyone that is renting a house.”

Discussing when the current conditions of the private sector are likely to change, he said:

“When the government give us more powers to act against the landlords that are not providing decent homes for the people.”




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