News Sound Reflection

I decided to do my story on the minimum unit pricing on alcohol. I decided it was best to speak to a manager at a shop to get his views on the MUP. Needless to say, i struggled getting a hold of someone, as many retailers and shop owners were reluctant and did not want to be interviewed.

I made numerous phone calls and visited multiple shops but even still i was unsuccessful as no one wanted to be interviewed. After a few more tries, i managed to interview one of the managers of a well known store, getting to know how the MUP is affecting his store.

I got the interview just short of four minutes, which is perfect as i had a lot of content so editing was easier.

One problem, however, is that i did the interview in a room at the store and the AC was on in the background. Before the interview, i thought this might disturb my audio and so i asked for the AC to be turned off for the interview. We turned it off and it was still sounding. After 10 minutes of waiting for silence and no other free rooms available, i had to make the most of my environment and conduct the interview with the AC sounding in the background. This is not the worst sound, and throughout the entire interview there were no popping noises as i put a wind muff on the phone before conducting the interview.

Overall i am pleased with the end result. I interviewed a manager and not just a store worker, so i feel that gives more strength to the story.

Some of my written cues were too long and some were too short which makes the story inconsistent, however the cuts from the interview i selected for the interview i feel were strong, as the manager clearly and concisely explains how the MUP affects him.

If i were to do this again. i would ask stronger questions, as in the interview some of the questions i asked that i edited out were not strong. Had i asked stronger, more relevant questions, it may have lead to an even better story.



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