TV Package Reflection

I did my news story on homelessness in Hull. In the beginning i had no structure, not knowing how i was going to tackle this topic.

I decided the best way was to get in touch with a homeless organisation and ask them a few questions.

I got in touch with one, and i even managed to setup an interview. After completing the interview, i realised i had not positioned the interviewee correctly to get him facing the other direction and not the camera.

As well, i had no shots of anyone in the organisation working, such as cooking for the homeless or talking to any rough sleepers.

After some thought, i decided to get in touch with a different homeless charity. I got in touch with volunteers at the Hull Homeless outreach who were more than willing to help me get an interview.

I conducted my interview inside St Mary’s Church. Although the background was not ideal, i can justify filming there, as the organisation cook for the homeless inside a section of the church. They receive more than 50 rough sleepers a night at the Church, so i thought this would be an ideal location.

Unfortunately, on the day of the interview, it was raining and so i could not get the best shots of the volunteers serving the homeless and the camera is shaky on multiple shots despite the fact that i was using a tripod. This is because many rough sleepers had come together to eat and i had difficulty positioning myself in a place where the camera would not shake and i could get good shots of the homeless being served food – also taking the bad weather into account. However i feel my shots were relevant for the story as i speak about how the organisation helps the homeless by providing them with meals.

After conducting the interview, i then went home and started researching the statistics of homelessness in Hull, expecting to see a rise in homelessness throughout the city. However, upon researching, i found the homelessness in Hull has actually been decreasing and not increasing.

I was going to do a story on how levels of homelessness have increased, but after doing my research, i decided to I decided to do my story on how although statistics show homelessness increasing, the organisation holds opposite views as it has seen a tremendous rise in the level of homelessness (the interviewee said “The levels of homelessness have gone up tremendously” but I cut that part out as i did not want her to repeat it when I had already said it when  was voicing over the film).

Generally speaking, i think the story is okay but i could have ended it better. I ended it speaking of the objectives of the organisation, i could have ended it on something stronger.

Overall though, having interviewed someone relevant to the topic, and getting good overall shots from hours of filming, i think the outcome is good.

If i were to do this again, i would tackle this story on another angle instead of what i did. I would also do my research before going into this story, as i expected an increase of homelessness and not a decrease.



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