The Mark Wigan Art Show


A new exhibition called “The Mark Wigan Art Show” has been launched in The Museum of Club Culture.

The art exhibition contains a variety of different paintings, drawings, print designs on t-shirts, jeans and shoes all done by contemporary artist Mark Wigan.

Wigan, originally from Manchester, has travelled to multiple cities including New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, and London where he is considered one of the leading figures of urban Art.

When asked about how long it took to complete each individual paintings, Mark said: “On average, each painting took about 8 weeks to complete, i work very fast.

I listen to music when i work, it plays a big role. I listen to many types of music, it helps a lot when i’m drawing.”



One of Mark Wigan’s pieces, available for £700. 


Print designs on shoes


Print designs on t-shirts

When asked about how he puts his drawings on clothing, he said:”I draw these by hand, then a company based in Leeds helps put these drawings onto clothes.”

It has not been decided when the exhibition will end, however Mark has stated he intends to keep it running for as long as possible:”The exhibition is going well. I will keep it going for as long as i can since people like it.”

For more information about the exhibition visit the Hull City of Culture website at


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