Paper City

A new exhibition called Paper City has been launched in the fruit market.

The family friendly exhibition was constructed by G.F Smith, a paper company. It involves various installations done by eight artists. The installations are spread out in and around the fruit market.


A sculpture by Richard Woods, one of the artists. 

Using standard sheet sizes of paper known as colorplan paper, Richard Woods was able to create graphic brickwork.

Francis Thomas, 33, from East Hull said: “I like that he chose red and white it goes well and it looks good.”


Another installation by artist Jacqueline Poncelet titled “Island Life”

By cutting and folding the paper, she was able to create different shapes with the paper.

Betty Matthews, 39, from East Hull said: “This is my favourite one because it feels like the artist took their time getting the colours and shapes perfect.”



“The Fabric of Hull” by Made Thought. 

Using all 50 colours of the colorplan range, this installation shows the relationships that G.F Smith have created over the last century.

Franklin Bascud, 23, also from East Hull said:”It’s nice to see how creative some of the people that made these are. It’s a really fun exhibition for children also.”

The exhibition is free and open until the 9th of July.

For more information please visit



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